At Astute we use our mobile and cloud consultation services, combined with our mobile and cloud application development experience and a range of open source and cloud technologies, to deliver mobile ready and cloud based business applications.

Our mobile ready cloud and based applications look and operate the same when using a laptop or a tablet or a smart phone; providing a consistent, clean and simple customer experience.

Business web sites, wikis, portals, forms and job sheets have the same look, feel and behaviour regardless of the device used.

Using mobile ready cloud and based applications customers and visitors do not need to download and install software on the device to access and use your online business applications.

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Application and solutions developed by Astute are designed to deliver measurable benefits and savings to business.

Astute's approach to applications and solutions development is not to introduce technology or services business can neither afford nor support.

Mobile and Cloud services

Our measure of success is the delivery of affordable applications and solutions used by business to achieve their goals and potential.

At Astute we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We offer:

  •  Free and no obligation technology consultation.
  •  Free and no obligation quotations.
  •  Fixed priced quotations for our services and solutions.
  •  A range of products and services designed to help your business grow and maintain a competitive edge.
  •  Solutions that are affordable and compliment your existing business technology investment.
  •  Mobile and cloud consultation services that resolve your business and technology issues.
  •  Mobile ready and cloud based solutions.
  •  Local and international support.