Astute's free and no obligation business and technology consultancy offer allows businesses to take advantage of our mobile and cloud consultation capabilities to:

  •  Review and determine whether the business goals are being met and supported by their technology.
  •  Investigate a current technology issue or provide advice on a upgrade or expansion.
  •  Develop and support mobile applications for the business.
  •  Migrate and deploy business systems and operations to the cloud; providing mobile and smart device support for employees and customers.

To take advantage of our offer simply Register.

Our free consultation offer

To take advantage of our free and with no obligation consultation offer:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Offer Terms (i.e. the offer terms and conditions).
  2. Register. Complete and submit the offer registration forms.
  3. Astute will contact you within three business days upon receipt of the registration form.
  4. You will be contacted via email by one of our business and technology consultants to arrange a time to discuss the services, solutions or technologies that are best suited to help your business.
  5. The consultation meeting will occur in-person or online video or using online chat (as agreed between the parties).
  6. During the meeting you may be asked for information relating to the technology used in your business. The consultant will never ask you for any account or password information.
  7. At the end of the meeting the consultant will confirm the scope of the consultancy and confirm the next steps and actions with you. Please note there may be some follow up activities you will be required to complete before the consultation can progress.
  8. After the consultation you will be provided with a report and (if requested) a quotation which outlines Astute's recommendations to resolve your business issues and address your business challenges.

The Astute free and no obligation business and technology consultation offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Astute's offer is limited to one free consultation per business or organisation.
  2. Consultations will only be accepted by Astute once a business and technology questionnaire has been completed and a meeting date between the parties has been agreed.
  3. The consultation period is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.
  4. Method of consultation will be agreed by the parties (either face to face or online video or chat).
  5. Outcomes will be presented by the Astute consultant at a mutually agreed date and time.
  6. Businesses and organisations who participate in the offer are under no obligation to purchase services or products from Astute Technology Solutions.
  7. Information and advice provided in the consultation is based on the accuracy and detail provided by the business in the completed questionnaire.
  8. Astute Technology Solutions retains all rights and copyright to materials published and presented as part of the consultation.
  9. Materials published will not be distributed or copies made without the written consent of Astute Technology Solutions.